Monday, October 31, 2011

Kaituna River, Lower Gorges

Lou Jull, Tillsy an Myself took a little trip down the lower gorges of the Kaituna this sunday. We didn't fire Gnarly gorge due to it being in the mid 500's range, but it was an epic day none the less!! After a sweet bomb down Awesome gorge, a 30 minute hike around Gnarly and a bunch of random bullshit we were cruising down Smokey. 
From start to finish these gorges are crammed with awesome whitewater. Going from open riverbed boulder gardens, to super tight twisting box canyons, it's continuous and it always keeps you busy. Fun boofs and classic moves around every corner! Topping it off is the native forest and birds, warm water and take out being just 30 minutes from Okere Falls. This place is stunning!

I've just chucked a few go pro stills on for you guys, enjoy! 

 Tutea Falls

View from the lip, Smokey falls.

 Smokey Falls is a Fast ramp into a soft pillow. So much fun

 Good times on Number 1! left to right: Myself, Lou, Tills.

Lou firing Smokey falls

 Tillsy following. Tight gorge entrance to the falls

 Number 3

Take out, super nice farm land.

Important note to everyone!! The land owners drink black rum...

Posting video soon


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