Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Couple photos of the two closest local runs in whistler, BC!

 Callaghan Creek race day, smashing a couple warm up laps before the competition. 10 minutes from the Whistler village, filled with class 4 to 5 boogie and two perfect waterfalls to get your fix after work. Beautiful!! Photo by Maxi Kniewasser
 Cheakamus River, 5 minutes from the Whistler village. Crammed with super fun continuous class 4 whitewater from start to finish. Definitely one of best class 4 runs out there. To top it off a sweet boof to start your run off! 

Photo by Maxi Kniewasser. Chur bro.

World class whitewater within 15 minutes of whistler. BC is the shit.

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  1. Superb photos, exciting runs, hope the boofing remains confined to the kayak!