Monday, October 31, 2011

Kaituna River, Lower Gorges

Lou Jull, Tillsy an Myself took a little trip down the lower gorges of the Kaituna this sunday. We didn't fire Gnarly gorge due to it being in the mid 500's range, but it was an epic day none the less!! After a sweet bomb down Awesome gorge, a 30 minute hike around Gnarly and a bunch of random bullshit we were cruising down Smokey. 
From start to finish these gorges are crammed with awesome whitewater. Going from open riverbed boulder gardens, to super tight twisting box canyons, it's continuous and it always keeps you busy. Fun boofs and classic moves around every corner! Topping it off is the native forest and birds, warm water and take out being just 30 minutes from Okere Falls. This place is stunning!

I've just chucked a few go pro stills on for you guys, enjoy! 

 Tutea Falls

View from the lip, Smokey falls.

 Smokey Falls is a Fast ramp into a soft pillow. So much fun

 Good times on Number 1! left to right: Myself, Lou, Tills.

Lou firing Smokey falls

 Tillsy following. Tight gorge entrance to the falls

 Number 3

Take out, super nice farm land.

Important note to everyone!! The land owners drink black rum...

Posting video soon


Friday, October 28, 2011

Waikato Falls Yeehaw

 A few boys and I went on a little mission last week to the Waikato Falls section of the Tongariro River. We initially planned on Tree Trunk but due to the copious amounts of snow melt it had turned into a roaring monster! The gorge consists of 3 drops, two of which we ran. First a perfect 5 metre+ ramping boof, second a manky pinch into overhanging ledges (pretty shit but definatly goes) To finish it off another picture perfect boof into the bottom pool. 

 View from the lip of the first drop..
 Hamish Tills lookin' good
 Greg after first drop.
 Joshy Gibson getting some sweet angles

Tills on the last drop
Me on last drop
16 year old Patrick Mckee stylin' the falls!

So nice.

This place is amazing, two clean drops in the picturesque gorge.. If you ever get the chance to see it, take it. The tongariro river is pretty unique!  


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Couple photos of the two closest local runs in whistler, BC!

 Callaghan Creek race day, smashing a couple warm up laps before the competition. 10 minutes from the Whistler village, filled with class 4 to 5 boogie and two perfect waterfalls to get your fix after work. Beautiful!! Photo by Maxi Kniewasser
 Cheakamus River, 5 minutes from the Whistler village. Crammed with super fun continuous class 4 whitewater from start to finish. Definitely one of best class 4 runs out there. To top it off a sweet boof to start your run off! 

Photo by Maxi Kniewasser. Chur bro.

World class whitewater within 15 minutes of whistler. BC is the shit.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Steezin' BC, Whistler style..

Video's coming soon, here's a few shots of this past season in Whistler BC Canada!.. Wedge Rafting, Dirt bagging and boating with the boys. too much!

 50/50 opening drop on the Ashlu Box canyon. Photo- Chris Gragtmans.

 Tatlow creek. Photo- Steve Arns,
 Callaghan creek race 2011, Photo- Steve Rogers, Check all the photos from the race here!
 Britania creek, Photo- Jules Domine
 Balls to the wall Cheakamus river, Photo- Jordan Baston
 Me and Pete checking the pinch, fear canyon, Elaho. Photo- Chris Gragtmans
2nd drop on Rogers creek, Photo- Dan Dunn