Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ashlu Box Canyon- May 2012

What's up guys, early season here in Whistler and Squamish has been a sick time. Everyone has turned up and the crews getting more and more fired up everyday. The Ashlu River was releasing every weekend throughout the month of may so we were loading up and making our way to Squamish every friday for some camping and kayaking good times.
 Pete Lodge looking into the depths of 50/50
 And sending it
 Me lining up the top
 Ric Moxon getting it done!
 View from below
 End of the first Canyon, one of my favourite places in there..
 Hector Dmcl finishing one of the best rapids on the run in style!
 Me landing out double drop. Spectacular scenery in there!
 The Whistler and Squamish crew chilling at the play wave after an epic day.

Ric and Hector sending the first rapid.

-50/50 shots taken by Paula Ansel
- All other shots taken by Pete Lodge

Quick edit from the past two weekends camping out in the valley, good times, good vibes. Fun in the sun!