Friday, April 8, 2011

Futaleufu, Chile 2010-2011

In December last year I chose to head down to the Rio Futaleufu for the summer. Didn't have much money, didn't have much of a plan other than a few emails to Josh Lawry of Futaleufu Explore, and a reply saying "sure, see you when you get here!" It was destined to be a sick journey from the start. 
Flew into Buenos Aires, Argentina on Boxing day and started on my way with no Spanish or sense of direction in the totally chaotic city. Found a hostel, after almost getting mugged on the street outside, HA and caught the bus to Bariloche, Argentina a couple days later... 
Good times at the Room 1006 Hostel, mucho cervesa over new years and a depleted bank account on new years day. I had no problem hitching to Futaleufu! Some how, some way made it there in 5 days.
Futa is a Beautiful town, just across the border from Argentina. Rich in culture, I was lucky enough to be there for the rodeo week to watch the locals ride and lasso cows. My work was all that I imagined it to be, a bunch of sick people in the crew, living in or outside of a ghetto shack/office, getting out on the river everyday sharing the same passion. Great time. Fuckin' bueno!

Buenos Aires

Bariloche- Argentina, roof of the room 1006 Hostel
Lakes district, Bariloche
Trevelin- Argentina
oh yeh                              

 ... And the fun begins
The drying rack
 Rio Azul
Rio Futaleufu
Above terminator section- Futaleufu
 High water, Cuan Coetzee's stoked on life

Mundaka dishing out

Take out of the bridge to bridge section

Was an awesome trip, wouldn't change a thing about it. Amazing clean big water run, with so many sections of world class white water from class 2 to 5, not to mention the pristine crystal clear water and towering peaks to top that off. I love this place. I'll be back.