Thursday, March 20, 2014

Summer Lovin' in New Zealand

Well here we are again folks! Through blood sweat and tears, bleating, yelling and so much good kayaking the season has come to its inevitable close. This summer has been on of the best in Okere falls, with friends from all over congregating to this small town and having an awesome time chilling together and enjoying these beautiful waterways of the Kaituna river!
This year had one of the best jobs in the business working at Kaituna Cascades. Running Rafting, Kayaking and Topoduo tours down this amazing river, the best in the world some might say! Warm water, super safe and a few awesome waterfalls, Kaituna you are amazing! This summer I even got to show my Parents what this place is all about for the first time. Now its all about sorting out the house and running as many laps as possible on this whitewater gem before we all disperse to all corners of the globe. Here's a selection of the sickest photos from this seasons shenanigans on and off the water!! Enjoy!

 Huka Falls sessions
 Troutpool falls! Photo- Jeff Colgrove
 Insane Smokey gorge scenery. Photo- Jeff Colgrove
 One photo I took of Jeff Makin his way through the Smokey falls section. These canyons are incomparable.
 Another shot of the boys takin it in!
 Mangorewa Gorge with Dani
 Papa Pete slaying it on Jizzim Falls, Waipapa Stream! Photo- Toni George

 Me firing off into an unplanned freewheel! Photo- Toni George
 Pete soldiering on through the entrance of Mojo, Waipapa. Photo- Toni Goerge

 Sea kayaking in the Coromandle
 Cathedral cove
 Huka Sessions!!! Me throwing out a freewheel. Photo- Taran Corrigan
 Me and Ryan Running Huka at 130 cumecs. Photo- Jeff Colgrove

Troutpool falls. Photo- Taran Corrigan
 Matariki falls in the Central plateau
 Curtain Falls on the Tuakopai
 Smokey Gorge
 Evening troutys
 Vasho and Inferno on the Wairi Stream, This river is a natural spring. incredibly scenic and fun.

 Future stouts....

 Me and Dani stylin the line!
 Rafting the Wairoa is always a sick day!!!
 The office

Tom Nailing the back boof!!

Spiderman Decided to come along for a visit!

Heres an edit I made last December summing up the Okere Falls lifestyle.


Chau for now

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  1. Hi Sam,
    Shaun here, Whitewater NZ Safety officer. Do you mind if we grab a couple of your Kaituna images to add to an article we're preparing currently regarding Lu Jull's coroners inquest? We're trying to showcase these gorges and convince authorities not to close them.