Monday, April 30, 2012

BC Spring, Whis and Squamton..

Back in the big old BC again for 2012!!

I'm back, catching up with mates and setting myself up for another summer of guiding and kayaking here in southwest BC. This seasons gonna be bigger than ever with our crew of keen chargers slowly growing bigger an bigger!!! 
After a bit of partying and messing about with taxes, random bullshit we got our first day of boating in on the 23rd of April. Me, Moxon and Sandy Macewan opened up the Callaghan with a few feet of snow on the banks! Beautiful medium level, but a tad chilly. Scouting around corners with snow banks falling underneath us! Everything was clean, no new wood, and to make it more exciting than it already was Moxon took a swim on the big one. Good on ya mate. 

  Cold as cold could be! Me about to plop off the 15fter

 Moxon about to send the 20! Pretty spectacular in there that day.
 Me probing the middle.
 Moxon staring into the boil that's about to give him a solid trashing- Epic photos by Sandy!

The rest of the week the Hector, Franc, Sandy and Myself t'd up a couple really nice park n' hucks, Machitta falls and a sweet 40 footer on wedgemont creek, aswell as a pretty high water lap Down the Soo, super exciting an fun run with a bunch of chunky holes. Good times, come Friday I looked at the gauges on the Ashlu, and it was all on! Hector, Franc, Sandy, Oz and Myself all boosted for the box!!! woooeee...

We were all pretty fired up for the day! Me and Francois fired up 50/50 with good lines! We scouted out everything, takes some time in that place! Turns out everything is clean and good to go for the season!
A couple go pro stills from friday...

 Sending the beast!
One of the many sexy boofs on this wicked section!!!

Awesome first week of the season chur to the boys! Motivation is high! Water was up and swim count is up by two.. Awesome.

 Sandy taking a peak over Mamquam falls in squamish, pretty juicy flow.


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  1. Very good photos Sam! Well done! Must be a bit noisy in all that water!